Our technology has helped trigger the nationwide FDA ban of risky antimicrobials.

80,000 more chemicals may pose similar risks! We turn wastewater treatment plants into chemical observatories to protect you and the environment.

We are experts in turning waste into a valuable resource. That is how we close the material loop and keep our non-profit sustainable.

Food has a huge impact on our environment! We track its environmental footprint so you can select a diet that’s good for you and the planet.

Policy and education are the biggest levers we pull. Wastewater displays in near real time, the need for and success of our interventions.

Population Served

Estimated population served for testing of Covid-19 and other chemicals.

Antimicrobials diverted

Amount of Antimicrobials diverted from US soil since the beginning of 2017.

Samples Analyzed daily

Fast turnaround time from our labs allowing us to do more tests everyday.

Chemicals / Viruses Tracked

Have the capability to track multiple different chemicals and viruses in the wastewater.

we help you assess your community’s

Environmental Hazards


Population-level Exposures


Resource Recovery Opportunities


Our Team

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Public Relations & Development